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Mold Cleaning and Conditioning Compound

Accumulated 20 years experience in
mold cleaning and conditioning materials.

Specialized in formulating rubber cleaning and conditioning compound by studying various type of epoxy molding compound that use in molding process in Semiconductor.

We tailored made dimension to meet customer requirements.


Rubber Sheet cleaner is a fast cure material compare to Melamine base cleaner. It does not need any lead frame and preheating for performing the cleaning process. With the elimination of preheating and shorter cure time, customer can gain productivity improvement with Rubber Base Cleaner.


Specially formulated compound for the cleaning of thermosetting transfer mold. It has its excellent elastic properties which easing the removal of the compound from the mold without leaving any unwanted debris and assist in the house keeping of the molding station. Besides , it was also formulated with high  flow characteristic to achieve cleaning efficiency. It emits limited odor during the cleaning process.


Specially formulated compound for wetting and conditioning of thermosetting transfer mold after mold cleaning. Elastowet has good compatibility with Rubclean. It also has excellent elastic properties to ease the removal of cured rubber after molding.It also has high flow characteristic to ensure rubber wax flow into all cavities to achieve waxing homogenous during the conditioning process.

We tailored made dimension to meet customer requirements.​

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